Zed Grizzly.
S L U M B E R.
  • Burning.

    I sat on my bed. Upright, with my back against the wall, so that the acid didn’t burn.

    But sitting upright kept me from sleeping.

    Sleeping is the only way that my mind doesn’t burn… but I remained upright.

    and I burned.

    I stared at each lightbulb as if it was a thought that scorched and burned.

    Not to rid, but to illuminate. My mind was dark and these flames lit up an endless winding path to show me the way. Or try. 

    Who knows.

    But would it only show me the way after enduring the pain.

    Cuz it burned. 

    I’m burning.

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  • Chapter 5.

    I found you… I found you… I finally found you.